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Voltam designs and manufactures custom electrical equipment and related equipment.

Each company shares a passion that goes beyond the scope of its mission and vision. This passion makes the company shine everywhere through the actions it performs and its employees take.

At Voltam, this passion is to MAKE A DIFFERENCE .

We are looking for people who share our passion for making a difference. People who want to develop their full potential and who want to share their talent and knowledge. Our human resources philosophy is based on the management of human energy to make a difference; that is to say, put your knowledge, know-how and know-how before and innovate, have the desire and the courage to surpass yourself with others and for others.

Here is an overview of the positions generally available at Voltam:

  • - Magasiniers
  • - Monteur fileurs
  • - Assembleurs
  • - Technicien électrique
  • - Chargé de projets
  • - Concepteur électrique
  • - Concepteur mécanique
  • - Estimateur
  • - Ingénieur électrique
  • - Ingénieur mécanique
  • - SST
  • - Opportunités de stages électrique ou mécanique (DEC ou Baccalauréat)

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