Work at Voltam

Be the difference

Voltam offers you the opportunity to make a difference in a company known for the quality of its products, the expertise of its staff and its human approach.

We are looking for people who share our passion for making a difference. People who want to develop their full potential. People who want to share their talent and knowledge.

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Training program

Voltam ensures the development of its employees according to their needs and those of the company. Whether it is an external training course, or one given internally by company staff, ensuring the continuous training of staff is another way to make a difference at Voltam.

Health, Safety and Environment

Employees are the most important people in the eyes of the organization. That’s why Voltam implements a health and safety program in which each employee is involved. Voltam promises to provide all necessary resources to prevent and avoid injuries and accidents at work.

Social life

Voltam puts in place the tools necessary for the full development of each employee. The sharing of knowledge and experience contributes strongly to forging solid links between them. We also have group meetings in the form of committees, which greatly contribute to the sense of belonging and the improvement of our living environment.

Here is an overview of committees at Voltam

Onboarding of employees

This committee is composed of dynamic and passionate members who are in charge of establishing a complete and mobilizing welcome for our new employees.


This committee manages our website, our social networks as well as written and verbal communications. It ensures the consistency of the message that is conveyed by our organization through our various communication tools.


This committee makes sure to highlight everyone’s contribution through activities, events, smiles by Voltam (life projects), etc. The objectives are to contribute to strengthening the feeling of belonging, to mobilize, to encourage the desired behaviors, to maintain the good mood of the employees and to support the values ​​of the company.

Social activities

This committee organizes the company’s activities in order to create opportunities to get to know colleagues better and to strengthen the sense of belonging. Our social club contributes positively to our integration and our social life at Voltam.


This committee is responsible for proposing and implementing environmental projects in order to reduce the company’s ecological footprint. Their actions also contribute to the awareness of all Voltam employees.


This committee uses the creativity of employees to take care of the corporate image such as the creation of corporate clothing and promotional items.

Atmosphere and improvement of workplaces

This committee ensures that the atmosphere and the work environment support the specific needs of each employee while promoting meaningful contacts between each employee.


This committee highlights the global health initiatives specific to our environment (healthy lifestyle habits, food and training during the lunch hour). In this sense, Voltam provides free fruits and vegetables to all employees on a daily basis.