Our impact

Our own way to make a difference

At Voltam, every single person works to make a difference in all custom electrical appliances and related equipment projects we deliver to our customers across North America.

Management Team – in the same direction to make a difference

It is working together and in the same direction so that the business continues to progress and improve. It is listening to understand the ideas and needs of everyone. It is respecting the company, the customers, the suppliers and the work colleagues in all humility. It’s giving everyone the time and the chance to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE

Human Resources – be the difference – make a difference

To be and to make a difference is to recognize one’s own value and to make others benefit from it. It is to always remain curious about the progress that we have made and the progress we have yet to make in order to improve ourselves continuously. First and foremost, to be and to make a difference is to make the most of your talents and your passions and to contribute to the development of others. To be and to make a difference is to have a sincere desire to act concretely to contribute to the advancement of the organization and the team. To be and to make a difference is to put one’s knowledge, one’s know-how, without forgetting one’s forward-thinking skills and to innovate. To be and make a difference at Voltam is to want and to have the courage to excel with others and for others.

Administration – with you to make a difference

It is working in collaboration with members of other departments to facilitate the achievement of individual goals. It is providing colleagues with accurate and reliable information to enable them to see and to understand so that they make the right decisions. It is serving and representing Voltam with customers, suppliers, external collaborators and others so that Voltam continues to be recognized as a professional company that stands out from the rest. It’s working in the interest of Voltam to achieve its goals.

Business Development – we accompany you to make a difference

It is presenting our know-how to the customers for whom we can make a difference. It is listening and understanding the needs and expectations of our customers. It is to answer their questions regarding the contribution of Voltam in the realization of their projects. It is to accompany the customers to make sure that their stakes are well understood in the company. It’s about maintaining a long-term relationship with our customers to be the first reflex to meet their needs.

Quotation Team - to be the difference in order to make a difference

It is listening and understanding the needs of customers. It is to meet the expectations and requirements of these by offering optimal solutions that meet the costs, deadlines and expected quality standards. It is to exceed the expectations of customers on the technical and commercial levels so that Voltam continues to be the reference.

Engineering – Listening to make a difference

It is a commitment to listen to our customers, our production and sales teams as well as all other departments of Voltam to meet the needs, requirements and new challenges. It is designing custom and related electrical equipment using our creativity and expertise to offer tailored solutions while respecting the highest quality standards.

Procurement – Understand to make a difference

It is to understand the purchasing needs to respect the costs, the deadlines and the required quality standards. It’s about making the right choice of suppliers and ensuring that they can respond and evolve according to the challenges of today and tomorrow of Voltam.

Production – together to make a difference

It is working actively with each other, both within the production department and with all other employees of the company, to manufacture and deliver equipment that meets the customer’s expectations. Every day, we make a commitment to work in a safe environment, to respect the required deadlines as well as the quality of the product and to reach, even to exceed, the standards of the industry. We are proud to be able to help make a difference at Voltam by continuing and completing the excellent work of other departments by giving birth to the customer’s equipment.

Health, Safety and Environment – Safe to make a difference

You are the most important person in the eyes of the organization to make a difference. We demand that everyone work safely and get involved to keep the work environment safe. Voltam promises to do everything possible to prevent and avoid injuries and accidents at work.